By Nishant Awasthi


Sometimes people spend their entire lives watching whatever is bad in this world without raising their voices, and sometimes some people take it on them to change the world. One of those who took it upon themselves to change the world was Tupac.

You can find a thousand stories running in the media which would try to convince you that Tupac was nothing like his words, that Tupac was a hooligan who only wanted money, drugs and weapons. But, whenever media circulates stories such as these concerning people who say entirely different things, its time you should start looking for the stories that the media is trying to hide.

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The sixties was a very critical decade for America, especially the black Americans. Martin Luther King was assassinated and there were cries of a rebellion of the blacks all around the corners. There was also a cultural boom coming and blacks were going to be a major part of it. As the blues was starting to grip the country in the early part of the sixties it gave rise to music that was more than just pop and hip hop stuff, the new music coming cried of more than life itself, it cried for peace unity and equality.

While blues would eventually give birth to classic rock, and the stars like Jim Morrison and Jimmy Page, it would also inspire a few black Americans to move away from the theatrical part of the blues in Rock to the lyrics and this would eventually be responsible for Rap to be introduced in Music. Tupac was one of the foremost icons of rapping and his words made rap such a powerful genre as it is today.

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Tupac was born in a family with limited means but his vision was big, he wanted to change the world for the good, and this feeling did not develop into him overnight, it dominated his thought process since the inception of his life and it was this feeling of peace and brotherhood that determined every action of his. He would read avidly during his childhood days and there would not be any selected writers those would impress him initially, maybe because he didn’t find the stuff he loved reading or may be because he was reading just to satisfy his thirst for reading more than forming any opinions. But as he would enter his teenage, philosophy, psychology and the way a human mind works will dominate his reading preferences.

As a child, Tupac lived in one of the most destructive neighbourhoods of America and though this did affect him, it did not make him violent.  He started various clubs and brotherhoods in his neighbourhood that preached peace and brotherhood. It was during this time that he took it upon himself to change the world. It is during this time that he started believing that in order to make any noticeable change in the society, he had to become the voice of people and not wait for a voice to emerge from the crowd. He believed in taking the matters into his own hands and he had the courage to face whatever came along the way.

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He decided to create songs, songs about freedom, education and truth as these were the most important themes which according to him were missing from the society back then. He would create music that would inspire the kids to act on the lines of brotherhood rather than hatred. He would create music to protest against the wrong doings which today we know as protest music. So if he did that, if tried to make this world a better place than it already was, then why did the media rip him apart? Why is it that people still today misunderstand him and why do we need him in the times of today? With this thought in mind, I would rest my pen today so that we could all think, and so that tomorrow we could walk to the promised land of Tupac and understand him the way we were meant to.


Nishant Awasthi