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Drug dealers are stupid retards!

By Paydirt of buildastar.com Copyright 2013

Definition time….

re·tard (rtärd) n. Slang – A person considered to be foolish or socially inept.

Now my blog time….

Drug dealers are stupid retards. Let me explain. Drug dealers (street hustlers) as a majority have no common sense. How are you going to call yourself an intelligent person, but you’re selling DOPE and killing your community? How can you, Mr. DRUG man, sell the dope and then say “thank GOD?” No business….. no bank account….. You will get your door kicked in by a jack boy which will result in gun violence or even death to you, Mr.DOPE man. Well, Mr. DRUG man, I hope you understand the repercussions of your actions. The BIG issue for me is the lifestyle that you display to your community as well as family members (children). Kids follow what they are attracted to….. MONEY, CARS, AND CLOTHES. So Mr. DRUG man you are a role model to somebody’s little kid. Don’t be a stupid retard! Get a legal hustle!







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