by Nishant Awasthi

The biggest name in the history of football, Real Madrid has overseen a relatively dry past decade with only three league titles since 2005 and a single Champions League cup in the same time period which makes the past ten years least successful for the giant European club. Things can change quickly now though, since the reigns of the club are now in the hands of the greatest player of the modern era, Zinedine Zidane.


Since the Galacticos era first came into being in the year 2000 with the election of President Florentino Perez, many legends of modern football have greeted the stadium of Santiago Bernabeu but none is loved by the Madridismo more than Zinedine Zidane and thus the fans which have been seen often jeering and whistling the coaches and the players alike in the past decade have welcomed the appointment of their favourite player as coach with open arms.

This also brings hope of a stability in the dressing room which has seen ten coaches in the last ten years. Fans have often been vocal about the lack of stability not only because Real haven’t been winning as much as they are supposed to win but also because their arch rivals Barcelona have seen their best time in history in the same time bracket of 2005-2015 much of whose credit is given to the stability Barcelona has had in the dressing room over the past decade.

Zidane is more than just a Ballon D’or winner for Madridismo, he brings back the memories of those magical runs and charismatic play that is associated with Real Madrid and which helped Madrid lift 10 European Titles and 32 Domestic League titles, a feat that no other team can come close to matching. With him sitting in the dugout, fans will remain behind the team at all times, which has been a rare sight especially in the past six months under the tutelage of another Spaniard Rafa Benitez, who too happens to belong to Madrid.


On Wednesday when Zidane presided over his first training session in charge of Madrid as the Head Coach, the fans where standing in the stands cheering for the coach with hopeful and glittering eyes. Zidane may not have experience managing a giant club such as Real Madrid at the top flight but that counts for nothing if he can repeat what he did with the ball during his five year spell as a player in the Santiago Bernabeu. Madrid needed someone like him, a fresh coach with new ideology who has earned the respect of the dressing room and not merely won titles as a coach around the globe.

Zinedine Zidane

On Saturday when Madrid face Deportivo, expectations will be sky high among the Madridismo and they will come out in numbers to see their legend manage their team. In more ways than one this is a dream come true for the fans already, and if he can start on the right footing, who knows, may be the Madridismo are in for a coach who can command this all-star studded dressing room for years and make history. While results are yet to be seen, the hopes of a Ferguson like managerial era for Zidane is already bubbling among the fans and since it is Zinedine Zidane, the world cup winner, the Ballon D’or winner, the European Cup winner, nothing currently seems impossible.