By Nishant Awasthi

January 13th has been one of the biggest days in the history of man as on this day the Knights Templar were given recognition in the year 1128. This acceptance of Knights Templar as a military arm by Pope Honorius II would eventually go on to orchestrate one of the biggest massacres in the human history, the day which we not so fondly remember as Friday the 13th.

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Now that centuries have passed and knights Templars are nothing but extinct, this is the time for us to ask ourselves two questions, who were the knights Templars and can they still be existing? Knights Templars as we all know ran crusades all around Europe killing Muslims and any other religious group that opposed Christianity. Well, this sounds familiar. Knights Templars were military arm of the church and therefore GOD and they still left humanity into sobs and now  as an association they might have been wiped off this planet year’s back, but their ideas are still existing, their methods are still existing, and certainly the killings.

Things today don’t seem any different from the 12th century to me as I glance into the past, maybe we have become more ignorant and more stupid than the people living in those times.  Our technological achievements and lifestyle means nothing if we as a specie have not grown smarter on an individual level. Think about this, people during those days had no internet, no satellite cable TV and no knowledge of what was happening 100 miles away from them and thus whenever they found unrest in their society, they believed what their governments told them. Today, we are spoon fed the same stories, fabricated and rigged by media houses on the whims and wishes of the most powerful.


How are we different from those individuals living in the times of the Templars? The only difference I can find is that we in the modern times have a lot more distractions than they ever had, meaning a lot more things that the powerful don’t want us to notice. The world has expanded, the population has grown, the money has grown and may be so has the greed. If in 12th century a secret society could make the church so powerful that the king of France himself had to sanction the biggest massacre in the history, imagine what a powerful secret society can do today. Certainly the faint ideas of the New World Order and power one percent dominating the world start feeling real.

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Knights Templar has been, if not the most powerful then certainly the most known secret society of all times and it has shown us that even church, even the government, and even the people entrusted to protect us can be the people who are the real perpetrators behind the miseries of the people less fortunate and less powerful. In this blog, I do not intend to accuse anyone, nor do I wish to talk about something absurd just to gain on a few views, what I wish and desire by this post is to quench my own thirst and find a few answers to questions that may be have no answers. Were the knights Templars humans like us? Was it a society or a gathering of powerful people with royal bloodline like may be the Mile High Club who had a common objective and power to bring change? And if so, are we as a society ready to see the real truth of our leaders? But then again, it’s just a feeling.