By Nishant Awasthi

There was time it was hard to find people who could think like you and who could believe in what you do. As a company it meant getting customers and making them loyal to your brand was not a cup of tea and thus the marketing managers would go on a war every day to prove their worth to the customers, internet though, has changed all that and brought every company on a level playing field.


Today, due to the internet, the consumers know all about every company, their business model and their product lines. The consumers know how a company is selling a product and only if they can connect with the company at some level, the consumers actually turn up to buy a product. This is where social media marketing has taken a grander stage than anyone could have imagined before the social media revolution.

As social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have gained prominence, something remarkable has happened for the companies selling products and services. On these social media platforms, the companies have found a ready to buy consumer market where people judge companies not as distinct entities but as friends who are providing services they need. Hence when a consumer needs a particular service, he reaches out to the company he thinks he knows best, and he only knows best companies as those who are visible on social media and have been active in handling the queries of their customers.


The impact of social media and its power to drive customers to a company is such that even a small start-up today can hustle up and fight the giants of the market for their share of customers. Social media has empowered not only the customers but also the small and mid-sized businesses.  As Vendetta in a famous dialogue quoted, ‘Blowing up a building is just a symbol, in itself a symbol can be meaningless, but with enough people, blowing up a building could change the world’, in the same manner today the companies are trying to use social media. A company is merely a symbol, an idea, and when this symbol connects to the masses, an idea becomes an empire.

Social media marketing has also done something dramatic, it has removed the barriers of communication between a company and its customers and brought the companies from the television set of a consumer to his palms. This has broken down the barriers of size and money and made the consumer market a more democratic arena, a more level playing field for the companies of all sizes and philosophies. Today any start-up can dream of becoming a star in the eyes of his consumers and not only dream, today a start-up can connect to its customers on these social media platforms, communicate with them like friends and become a company that is loved by one and by all, building a star at every step and becoming a star in the process.


Not only have the marketing costs reduced dramatically for companies since the advent of social media websites, the marketing techniques have become more potent. Crossing the barriers of popularity is not just the game of spending more money anymore, today to be recognized by the consumers, a company has to be more than just an entity with bank balance, and today a company needs to be a consumer’s friend. This revolution in the ways a company can connect to the consumers was never seen before, and how could it have been? Never before in human history have masses connected to each other at such a personal level than at the times of today and this personal connection is what the companies are harnessing using the social media.

Yes it’s true that the world is now a global village, and if you are a company, it’s both a good news and a bad one. If you can use social media marketing, you can be a star within days, but if you lack that x-factor, if you could not reach out to this brave new world, you as a company are doomed to search the wilderness.