By Nishant Awasthi

The car honks and pee pee’s have made this world noisier than it ever was and today you can rarely find a place that can offer you silence and peace of mind. But as they say, if you are looking for the guilty you need only to look into the mirror, as silence and peace are as much exterior as they are interior. Yes the outside world is going haywire with all the noises coming out of every corner of the world, but thanks to new Hush Technology earplugs, you can finally strive to find your inner peace and enjoy the music that you like without any outside distractions.


We at Build a Star have been searching for the best earplugs in the market that can help us not only concentrate on our music (as we love our music) but also let us cut out from the world when it is time for us to get down to serious work, and Hush Technology headphones promise all those things, and more.

We at Build a Star are on a never ending pursuit to find gadgets that build a star in our lives and in lives of people around the world and we believe that your headphones are your closest mates as they are with you even when you need moments alone. Music has always been an integral part of our lives as a species. Music not only gives us a sense of wonderment it also helps us focus on our day to day activities and gives us peace when we need to rest our head. But not every headphone will give you fulfilling music and handy features like the world’s first smart headphone, the hush technology headphone.


We first started our hunt to find headphones that promises quality features a month back and we tried various gadgets from the top manufacturers around the world to find out which headphones have the best quality sound and can connect with us not only in the consumer-good relationship but on a deeper spiritual level where the headphones form the part of one human body, and we think hush technology earplugs are the answer to our pursuit.

Hush Technology headphones are wireless and can connect to your smartphones through Bluetooth. These earplugs boast of cancelling upto 70 decibels in outside noise that means once you plug your earplugs, you need not care about the outside world. Hush technology earplugs also offers various features such as giving you notifications of only the important things such as a phone call or an alarm while they block all other notification sounds using the smart app to give you your ‘me time’ all the time. This means you can travel, read, or even sleep on music of your choice while getting least disturbed from the outside world.


Owing to all the goodwill that Hush Technology earphones have generated around them in the past couple of months, we too have decided to take a crack at these latest in demand headphones and have ordered our first Hush Technology headphones. We will share with our readers our experience of this latest technological minion as we lay our hands on it for the first time and we hope that we find our headphone that builds a star not only in our lives, but in the lives of others and all the music lovers, like you and like me.