Brian Moynihan is the CEO of Bank of America who boasts of 200,000 employees is wrong about North Carolina’s hb2 that was passed in March of 2016.  Bank of America’s headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina where all of this started in the first place.

Let’s look at what is really going on here in North Carolina….

The CEO of Bank of America, Brian Moynihan , and a convicted pedophile, Chad Sevearance-Turner, agree and share the same views on hb2 for their own selfish reasons.  Both “men” want to satisfy their own greediness.  Brian is money hungry and Chad is hungry for little children.  Isn’t it strange that both of these men are loudly pushing for the hb2 bill to get repealed?  Have you even thought about this?

What if Brian got his way? Then, private businesses in North Carolina, other than Bank of America, would be forced to adhere or pay a daily fine that would eventually put them out of business.  However, these businesses would probably be under so much pressure that they would take out loans from the bank or default on their bank loans, because they wouldn’t be able to pay the fines.  I am so sure that Bank of America would capitalize off of this “private business crisis.”  You know that is what it would be called in the main stream media.  Bank of America would stand to eat up more and more turf in North Carolina. Better yet, America. They are called Bank of America, right?

Brian Moynihan is so wrong about this hb2 bill.  He doesn’t really care about the “impact on employees.”  He doesn’t care about the state of North Carolina.  Brian is only concerned about how such a law could strategically make Bank of America more forceful and gigantic.  Did you ever think that a “bathroom” argument would have so much at stake?  This is how this stuff starts.  Things that most Americans take for granted have the most at stake.  This is why it is dangerous to change the law of the land and basic common sense laws.  Predators like Brian Moynihan and Chad Sevearance-Turner are waiting to eat you up just like their record shows.

Back to the “common sense” question… What if Brian got his way? What if Chad got his way?

Anyway, check the record. These are facts.

When is the last time that Bank of America was on your side? or better yet, when was the first time?