Black Lives Matter is Queer Affirming

Have you checked the guiding principles of the Black Lives Matter crew to find out what they believe and learn about their ulterior motives? Well, you should. When you go to and click on “What We Believe,”  you will find that they are “Queer Affirming.” I’ve posted the text here for your convenience.  However, feel free to fact check it for yourself.

So what is Queer Affirming?

I am so glad that you wondered the same thing as I did.

After some research, I found that the word “queer affirming” was designed to disrupt Christian beliefs in the church in regards to homosexual sex practices.  It is a shame that the only thing that drives homosexual is sex, sex, sex.  I’ve never heard anyone so passionate about who and how someone is having sex.  It is so distasteful and sickening.  The only thing they think about is how someone is having sex. (That’s another subject..)

Basically, “queer affirming” is the preferred language by homosexuals who call themselves Christians and go to church.  Right! You read it correctly.  The homosexuals who claim to be Christians prefer to be called “queer affirming.”

What about single queers? Is there such a thing? Who knows.

Think about it… homosexual is based on same gender sex practice, but they want to be Christians too.  They talk about celibacy, but still claim that they are homosexual Christians.  If you are a single Christian who is not having sex, then why focus on having sex? BINGO

Anyway, I am tired of even thinking about this ridiculous idea so you can read more here.

Again, Black Lives Matter is “queer affirming.”


Stay tuned for more on this ridiculous BLM mess.