Warning: God and Marriage are under attack!

News Flash: God always wins!!! :-) `


Here is video evidence of Jamal Bryant of the television show “The Preachers” on his rebellious attack on God and God’s institution of holy matrimony.  Jamal Bryant is a con artist who brags on having an ex-wife and believing in an “open marriage.”  On this show, he even brings the black sinful comedian Monique and her husband to co-sign his true beliefs.  Monique is an obese adulteress who has been struggling with her stardom, weight, and her own inner demons since she was a young girl after being molested by her brother.  Now she raves about having the desire for other men and her husband who is a pair of britches just rides along and accepts whatever Monique dishes out.  He is a weak man.


Christians should challenge Jamal Bryant’s beliefs, because he is openly going against God. Marriage is one of God’s first institutions and Jamal is an anti-christ.

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