Why we want Tupac to return – I

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By Nishant Awasthi   Sometimes people spend their entire lives watching whatever is bad in this world without raising their voices, and sometimes some people take it on them to change the world. One of those who took it upon themselves to change the world was Tupac. You can find a thousand stories running in [...]

Power of Social Media Marketing

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By Nishant Awasthi There was time it was hard to find people who could think like you and who could believe in what you do. As a company it meant getting customers and making them loyal to your brand was not a cup of tea and thus the marketing managers would go on a war [...]

The knights Templar of today

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By Nishant Awasthi January 13th has been one of the biggest days in the history of man as on this day the Knights Templar were given recognition in the year 1128. This acceptance of Knights Templar as a military arm by Pope Honorius II would eventually go on to orchestrate one of the biggest massacres [...]

Music that Cancels Noise

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By Nishant Awasthi The car honks and pee pee’s have made this world noisier than it ever was and today you can rarely find a place that can offer you silence and peace of mind. But as they say, if you are looking for the guilty you need only to look into the mirror, as [...]

The legend arrives to rule the Santiago Bernabeu

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by Nishant Awasthi The biggest name in the history of football, Real Madrid has overseen a relatively dry past decade with only three league titles since 2005 and a single Champions League cup in the same time period which makes the past ten years least successful for the giant European club. Things can change quickly [...]

What topics interests you in 2016?

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Happy New Year! We are going to ramp up our blog posts in 2016 and we want to know what interests you. 2016 is going to be a very busy year and the journey will be fun. Let us know what topics are most interesting to you and we will bring you the best in [...]