At some point in your journey, you will come to a point where you clearly recognize that you need a social media presence that will drive your business to another level of success.  This is the point where we usually meet our clients and their businesses.  Some clients don’t have a clear social strategy and some clients need new guidance and direction for their existing strategy.

Whoever you are and wherever you are, we have now crossed each other’s paths.  We are here to help you better navigate on this journey.

To us, business and success is personal.  Build A Star has a passionate and focused team of skilled people who take pride in partnering with you to make your business more brilliant.

Why Choose Us?
We Do it all for you!

We take on the major workload for you so you don’t have to, while creating something truly beautiful that will draw new visitors to your church.

We are not to be compared to church website template providers. We do the whole project for you, from start to finish. We are creating a completely custom design with customized functionality based on YOUR specific website needs. Then we setup EVERYTHING for you. And, because we limit the number of new churches we take throughout the year, each church gets our full attention and benefits from the expertise we’ve gained from the past 11 years in the business.


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We offer the following add-ons/services for your church website. Or if you already are using a 3rd party, we can link it up too!